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My band played last night. Before rehearsal we felt we needed more percussion so we stopped by the local music shop and I laid down a few hundred clams on a drum machine. Now there is a fourth member of Squirrel Cage and his name is Doctor Rhythm.

The gig at the Pepper Jack turned out really well. I fierced the viola as well as did some jamming on the drum machine in a "I just bought this 5 hours ago" style. The performance went much better than our last one by a factor of at least 12. The band is starting to work a bit better stripped down to three humans and one doctor of rhythm. Our last song "The End" was helped immensely by some really artistic reverb/delay work by our sound guy Doug. Thanks Doug! Also Jelly brought the smoke machine however no lasers were to be found. Next time I think I need to buy a few at a dollar store and give them to sexy dudes in the crowd.

We'll be recording the first record soon. Jeremy secured funding from the university as part of the films he is directing for them. Sly! Although first things first we need have a non-stoned/exhausted/last minute rehearsal. Haven't done that in a while.

Still breathing.

SQ Update

May. 4th, 2006 04:34 pm
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As expected come the summer various band members, namely two, have previous engagements to meet during the precious Canadian months of not-snow. This means that the band is without drums or bass. However a fill-in bass player has apparently be procured and is awaiting testing. Even if that doesn't work out I will probably have trouble keeping my hands off the bass as I am a living, breathing porno soundtrack waiting to flower.

Still the band is without a drummer. No beating heart to power the gangly mutated limbs of Squirrel Cage. With our next, likely less huge, gig coming up in just over a week solutions must be made. It seems the solution is The Squirrel Cage Disco Dance Party. Which is to say NFOTXN (my LJ namesake and previous laptop IDM whatever pseudonym) will be dusting off the QWERTY keys and fiercing the beat box hard in addition to Viola duties. This is going to be difficult but I think it can be done. Step-sequenced songs are rigid and hard to really flow organically. I'm probably going to give Abelton Live a go in this situation but am open to suggestions that would work well with a funk band and 10 days until a gig.
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Wax Mannequin May 13th, originally uploaded by nfotxn.

What's this? What's THIS?! Yes, the second Squirrel Cage show which yours truly is involved has firmed up and is ready to be fierced. We're opening for Wax Mannequin, whom I was billed to play with as NFOTXN back in the day. But he bailed and I bombed a bit.

Either way! This is going to be super duper. Come one, come all!

PS: the poster is by Jelly, our singer. Isn't he just such the talented... turtle?

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Overall the gig last night went swimmingly. The headliner, Undercurrent, were super sweet guys joking around a bit in sound-check and decent about letting us just use their amps and kit instead of doing the band-to-band waltz between sets. Even though I am totally not into their music. Our sound guy Raymond was really on his game too instead of being all surly and/or aloof as these technical people often are at gigs.

A lot of friends showed up and the support was almost overwhelming. I felt pretty special and maybe even believed it for a while. Thanks to everyone who showed up, and everyone who tried to but got hit by rocks. It's the thought that counts.

I think the music worked out well. We decided at the last moment to make a medley out of one of our songs and Beck's "Debra"... that should give you a feeling of how the music was. I was playing my viola through an octave pedal that flushed it out and made me sound like a Viola and a Cello!. I did interludes between songs while Matt talked. Greg ([ profile] plaidninja) has more details in his blog.

It was a fun and silly night. I look forward to the next rehearsal and subsequent gigs.
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Jesus, originally uploaded by nfotxn.

More band rehearsal. We'll be playing on the 21st at the Casbah, remember! The band opening for us, Hundred Heads, was playing in the studio across from us at The Imperial Cotton Centre.They sound pretty good, also Rob gave us some red wine. Pretty swell, eh?

Anyhow, in the Flickr set are some photos we took while we waited for our drummer to show up.

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My band Squirrel Cage is playing next Friday the 21st of Avril. We'll be at the Casbah (googlemap!) opening for some band called "Undercurrent" whom I am told sound of Nickleback (bacon!)... but don't judge. If you are feeling half-assed garage blues funk comme Beck that's been all classed up with some viola (me!) come on down.


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