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It's my birthday! I'm 25 now!

Tonight after work my Mom is taking me out for Lebanese food. I plan on being sloppy drunk tonight so I will get my pre-drink on there with Mom. I will tell her about how awesome I am and all the good news I'm not blogging about. I will promise to stop smoking and go to the gym and maybe mean it.

Then it's off to Open Stage where I will subvert Jelly's night for my own drinking purposes. Whip out those debit cards Canadians and tap that overdraft. I'm getting crunkardly and you are buying me a drink. Just one. It's the long-tail of drinking.

Most importantly I got money to get my impacted wisdom teeth removed. I will be a much happier person as a result. I'm going to buy myself fancy coffee on my break at work rather than operating the office coffee maker. Luxury is in!

Twenty Five

Feb. 5th, 2007 02:15 am
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Brodie Chree is Turning 23 years old this Wednesday February 7th. Buy Him a Drink. 9PM The Pepper Jack Café - Open Stage with Matt Jelly. 38 King William St.

I'm turning 25 this Wednesday. That's like 1/4th the way to 100! If you're local come on down Wednesday night. See Wordman Z, The Boston Bruins and that dude who showed up in the city from Kirkland Lake again. He's pretty darn good.

Also buy me a drink.


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