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Rapping about gay rights is like having a heterosexual pride parade. I'm seriously trying to listen to this stuff but it's making me cringe like within seconds. The problem here is that you better have basically the best skills on planet earth to get people moving to gangster joints about fucking your boyfriend while you pour champagne down his ass crack. And for gays who already understand the idea it just turns into a dweeby back-packer choir preach. Why don't we rap about preventing hearing damage while we're at it? Total dork-fest, however well meaning.

And then gays complain about heterosexuals subverting homosexual style, terminology and culture. Sheesh.

Maybe I'm missing out on the good stuff. Please, if there is a gay MC whom doesn't suck lemme know. I've listened to a bunch and it's just bad, bad and worse.
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Attention Bears of the Internet

I would just like to give my congratulations to some bears of the internet for showing up a drag queen. Way to take that "natural masculinity" to mean "humourless drama". If you really were comfortable with being a bear you might wanna start with being able to laugh at yourself.

via [ profile] mondragon and Big Fat Hairy Living.
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Straight guys don't wear Priape jeans right? I mean in the age of metrosexuals what's a bear-identifying gay to think?

One of my hot regulars at work has totally sniffed me out. In this town fulla hot Portuguese men it's nice to know at least ONE of them is out of the closet!

Out of the closet.

It's actually pretty awesome how many queer people are regulars where I work. I mean Hamilton is an odd place. Because it's just outside Toronto (45mins, plus or minus traffic) most gays tend to flock to Church St. But we still hold our own here in our medium sized city.

There's the nice tranny who is way into organics who I haven't seen in a while. I have told off my co-workers like a zillion times for talking in hushed tones when they see her. It's so fucking tacky. Yes, she's a he who's a she or whatev'. Bet you don't have the balls to fuck with your born gender.

The creepy closet cross-dresser shops in men's clothing and always touches me with his long nails when he gives me his change. It sucks he is so repressed that he only dresses as a woman downtown. The skin on his finger tips is really soft. And his hairline so high.

I love the 30+ punk rock dykes. We talk about the latest in faux-hawk fashion technology and awesome food. Those ladies know their shit when it comes to various dips and whatnot.

There's a cute retired daddybear couple whom are obviously totally into each other, cruise as I might. Once I charged him for a patio set instead of like some other less expensive item. I think that may have limited my chances of dual-daddy cock action. C'est la vie, non?

There are of course all the bar proprietors and drag scene fixtures. Despite being a city of just over 500 000 people it's awfully gay here. It's no San Francisco but heck, even our former Mayor was a Mary.


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