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How many songs total: 4454
How many hours or days of music: 13.4 Days
Most recently played: "Smoke" - White Williams
Most played: "Autobahn Music Box" - Cut Copy / "Here in the Night" - Kelley Polar
Most recently added: "Danger" - White Williams

Sort by song title:
First Song: "A" - Barenaked Ladies
Last Song: "55566688833" - James Figurine

Sort by time:
Shortest Song: "Dramatic Pause Of Silence To Signify The End Of The Album And Beginning Of Additional Songs Included On The CD To Make People Feel Better About Buying The CD Instead Of The Vinyl Version" - Kid606
Longest Song: "This Dust Makes That Mud" - Liars
Longest Podcast: "Freaky Folk 4" -

Sort by album:
First album: "Abductions and Reconstruction's" - David Byrne
Last album: "( )" - Sigur Rós

First song that comes up on Shuffle: "How Could I Forget" - The Faint
Search the following and state how many songs come up:

Death - 31 (0.69%)
Life - 60 (1.35%)
Love - 211 (4.74%)
Dance 36 (0.8%)
Hate – 16 (0.36%)
You - 435 (9.77%)
Sex – 30 (0.67%)
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Sep. 14th, 2007 12:30 am
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  • Go to
  • Put in Username: nycareers and Password: landmark.
  • Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
  • Post the top ten results.
  1. Architect
  2. Petroleum Engineer
  3. Agricultural Engineer
  4. Auditor
  5. Industrial Engineer
  6. Mechanical Engineering Tech
  7. Environmental Engineer
  8. Chemical Engineer
  9. Health Care Administrator
  10. Association Manager
Strange, my brother is #'s 7 and 8, Mom is #9 and my Dad is #6. Both Aaron and Dad have been sorta Petroleum engineer by proxy of working in refineries and shipping. Oh and my dorky teacher Step Dad wanted to be #1 but was a public school teacher instead.

Personally I'd recently been considering becoming #5 in either engineer or designer format. Quite heavily in fact.

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  • I had a Step Dad who painted our whole house white in the late-80s because it was a "good back-drop for pieces". For many years he only wore white clohting.Then he painted our TV black. This is before every TV being sold was black. I think my Step Dad fancied himself some sort of conceptual artist.
  • When I was about 14-17 I was an avid mountain biker. Not like the spandex logo clad yuppie bullshit you see today. But all the neighbourhood kids and I would bike until the sun had far set and end up in exotic places like Sulphur Springs before turning around to head home. I remember especially heading home in the pitch black riding slowly totally enchanted by the evening and the sunset. We'd usually gab about something existential. As a result I still have unusually huge calves and quads.
  • Growing up I was a thumb sucker. When I got older my brother and eldest cousin did all sorts of cruel and unusual things to get me to stop. My thumb was coated in Tobasco sauce more than once. I still fall into the habit even now once in a while. But instead of getting into the full on suck I just stick the end of my thumb on my front teeth so I appear like I'm thinking really hard.
  • I can't remember it much at all but before my first birthday I fell off a change table and broke my leg. I was totally the baby in traction, leg lifted in the air with a cast that went from my foot to my hip. Again I don't remember a thing but this is the sorta story my Mom would tell you if you were to come and have tea with her. She knows all the details.
  • I am a dual citizen and my family is legitimately Scottish and living in Scotland on my Dad's side. I lived there for about 7 months in 2002-03 and ended up getting exceptionally homesick despite punctuating my stay with a lovely trip to Paris and then later Amsterdam. I have a strong aversion to wearing kilts, listening to Celtic music or eating Celtic food that isn't delicious just because it's Scottish. Don't visit Scotland in the winter unless you are some sort of expert Scotch drinker. It's a very depressing dark place.
  • I have a distinct habit of trying to calculate taxes or tips before receiving a bill. I'm usually wrong. But I like the fact that the mind is like a Douglas Adams-esque quantum computer of sorts. Spitting out answers like "Jade plants are really more emerald than jade in colour" to questions like "What's 14% of 8.97?" .
  • Recently my 2nd youngest cousin has become a fairly successful model. She tends to do covers of French and Italian glamour magazines. Now she has a box of hair dye with her face on it. I forget which brand. We used to watch Doctor Who and play Transformers together. Her favourite food is whip cream and she's so not an archetypal model. I'm going to visit her parents right now. As soon as I finish writing this. She lives in Queens now in Astoria with her boyfriend. I wanna go visit her soon.
I always have my memes spayed or neutered.
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This is [ profile] moroccomole's book.

How many of the 101 Must-See Movies For Gay Men have you seen?

You can make it a meme if you want to.
1) Just copy my list and put any titles you've seen in bold.
2) It wouldn't hurt to include a link to show where you can buy the book, too.
3) Put that long-ass list behind a cut.

28/101, a failing grade.

Here's my list )

via [ profile] callingzero
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Ok, post a pic of your face. Preferably making a funny face. No text in the comments please although feel free to give the comment a title. I think the effect will be neat without commentary.
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I love you. Yes you!


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