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DSCN2492, originally uploaded by nfotxn.

I thought I'd just share this nice photo.

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Old cheesy skater films (Thrashin') and new late-disco comme laptop (Vega). This is a delicious mash-up.
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A He Ville, originally uploaded by nfotxn.

During Bele Chere, the giant street festival, I couldn't get over how many hot bubbas there were. I mean I didn't believe the thing about Canadians not being as fat as Americans but I guess I've seen it with my own eyes. I'm against life threatening obesity for sure but my dick is a bit insensitive in that respect.

I never do this but I took photos of guys for a bit trying to summon my inner [ profile] clauditorium. Which is hard because I'm always worried guys will see me and I'll blush or something. AND GUESS THE FUCK WHAT?! This dude is looking right into my fucking camera.

Clearly he was hot for me.
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Small Town Tag Krew, originally uploaded by nfotxn.

Fuck these small town kids are fucking brilliant. Clearly their tagging crew dresses up like the cast of Cats. Their ring leader would be a swaggering Bustopher Jones, cans and stencils in tow. When the cops come hassling all you need to do is hiss and jump up somewhere high where nobody can get you.

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Rosetta's Kitchen, originally uploaded by nfotxn.

Vegetarian or Vegan food is so good when it's done correctly. This is at issue because most people know the vegan in their life as the college student. The one who was so broke that they were surviving on peanut butter and saltines. Parlaying their broke-ness from self-conscious liability into ethical lifestyle choice.

Asheville is clearly full of lesbians 'cause this place was fairly bumping. I had a tempeh reuben sandwich and opted for cheese because really I'm ok with milking cows.

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DSCN2427, originally uploaded by nfotxn.

Huw and I were on vacation in Asheville, NC last weekend. We went for Bele Chere and stayed for the hippies. I met Huw's Mom.

I had no idea how much I needed time. Basically I'd sworn off rest because I like making money and constant low-level stress prevents me from reverting to my natural sloth state.

In this photo we are on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the mountains. It was an actual parkway as it was a park and not a euphemism for a suburban collector road.

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Oh what fun we'll have!
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This is what we got. Ok so we connected a symphony orchestra into the muthafuckin' internet and you'd expect we'd get like Matthew Herbert Big Band or like Björk or something. But really this is what you get is Lithuanian conductor Mindaugas Piečaitis updating PDQ Bach or some shit.


Jul. 9th, 2009 02:27 pm
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Put your unit on shuffle. Write down the first 30 songs. NO CHEATING!
  1. DJ/rupture - Winter Buds: Atki2
  2. High Places - Namer
  3. Grizzly Bear - Plans
  4. Steely Dan - East St. Louis Toodle-oo
  5. The Decemberists - The Wanting Comes in Waves [...]
  6. Steely Dan - Babylon Sisters
  7. High Places - Golden
  8. New Slang - The Forms
  9. Daft Punk - Robot Rock / Oh Yeah (Alive 2007)
  10. Aphex Twin - Corn Mouth
  11. Grizzly Bear - Cheerleader
  12. Beck - Scarecrow
  13. Manitoba - Hendrix with KO
  14. Beck - No Money No Honey
  15. Manitoba - Why the long face?
  16. Sufjan Stevens - Jacksonville
  17. Thunderheist - Do the Right Thing
  18. Akron/Family - Last Year
  19. Oh Shit! - Romance (ALERGRONICS Remix)
  20. Jamie Lidell - Hurricane
  21. The Decemberists - The Queen's Approach
  22. Electric Company - Murexes and Sacoglossans
  23. Koushik - Bright and Shining
  24. Modest Mouse - Satin In A Coffin
  25. New Slang - Run With Us
  26. Sparrow Orange - Robin Hood
  27. Manitoba - Crayon
  28. Glasvegas - Ice Cream Van
  29. Tokyo Police Club - Cheer It On
  30. San Serac - Teenage Wildlife
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DSCN2384, originally uploaded by nfotxn.

This is a book that I'm reading at work. It's probably totally boring sounding to you. So I share it as an egocentric expression of how fucking great I am. I write this meta-commentary as a concession to show that I'm not just a pretentious twat.

Once Twitter grabs this RSS it'll be on Facebook. BLOGGING IS AWESOME!!

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Toronto Pride 2009, originally uploaded by nfotxn.

Also Toronto Pride occurred. I got really drunk and stuff. Missed a lot of the parade being hung over and not wanting to go out in the rain. Don't get me wrong! I had tons of fun. I just didn't go balls out crazy like in previous years.

Note: Some photos are NSFW as they involve a nudist Elvis, naked peacock tranny and really hot naked leather boy. But hot in that way that he knew it and I still took photos but I want him to know that I still hate him!

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DSCN2372, originally uploaded by nfotxn.

I got this Optrixx plastic lens. It affixes to your point and shoot with a rubber gasket. Best $12 I've spent in a while.

The Heavy

Jul. 3rd, 2009 02:54 pm
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Playin' here on the 8th. I will be passing the bottle around like in the video at Casbah. Chicago and Minneapolis people can check 'em out the days before. I think this'll be good.
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It's no secret that I love the Knife. This is 1/2 that duo Karin Dreijer Andersson with a new alias, Fever Ray. I'm not sure what the difference is because it sounds like The Knife. Which is not a bad thing at all.
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Click for bigger!

via [ profile] pfarley
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Sell Your Gold Teeth

A conincidence today at Mixed Media. I mention "" to Dave, Brian and Alex. Not minutes later a black dude in a handsome turtleneck and leather jacket comes in asking if Dave buys gold...


May. 27th, 2009 03:38 am
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Most excellent fan video. I want all the glasses frames.


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