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Greg ([ profile] plaidninja) has been my stalwart partner in crime for various purposes over the years. One of our favourite things to do when we hang out is to see AWESOME BANDS and drink lots and stuff. Given that we don't see eachother all that much these days, I'm too busy doing my thing and he's too busy doing his thing, it was refreshing to spending hanging out drinking too much and seeing AWESOME BANDS and drinking lots and stuff.

Hey know what's fun about Canada? 13% sales tax! Also indie bands get free hosting on the CBC with like pictures and tour dates and embed-able Shockwave applications for me to put in my blog. That's tax-dollar value right there.

Kids on TV

Kids on TV
Photo by David Hawe

Kids On TV emerged from the drainage pipe of a Toronto bathhouse in the spring of 2003. The group consists of John Caffery, Minus Smile, Wolf, and Roxanne Luchak. Their output includes, but is by no means limited to, musical recordings, musical performances, film, dance videos,rock opera collaborations, graffiti, crafting, and live "sleep-ins" in ritzy Toronto bars. Kids On TV want to transform space and your mind. Tune in. Get addicted. Get nasty. Kids On TV bring it live and bring it real with big dirty beats, shameless samples and breakdance meat.

Back in the twilight years of Toronto's Toolbox bar for bears and gays and things Kids on TV played a performance. Unfortunately I did not attend as I was likely sleeping or sucking a dick or working or something. Bummer. Word is they confused the poor bears at the bar but brought their own crowd down to Eastern Ave and Morse away from the Church Street Homosexual Ghetto.

The band is sorta all over the map stylistically channelling everything from the classic homosexualism of Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Pet Shop Boys to EBM/Goth stuff. Throw in some break dancing and screaming for good measure.

What's fun about them is that they bring a dance party without being some Womyn's Studies all inclusive pan-gender Drag King stinky pit cunt poetry throw-down. Conversely we have 'bear music'. This has the sad tendency to come down to essentially a college town open mic. The subjects of performance being like a hot under-grad chick in a tight sweater with a big rack. Acoustic guitar from summer camp in tow it's not secrete that all the boys want to bone her. Why else would anyone tolerate C-D-G songs about how cute her dead cat 'Jingles' was? Except everyone is big, fat, hairy and male. Or into that look.

My point being that 'gay bands' can be good and overtly gay without negating the music. If you are a gay making music about the gaying try and do it in a way that even the more rigid of straight boys will dig. Otherwise you just look like you're trying too hard to get laid, sell records or gain some sort of promotional advantage. I don't get up on stage grinding with the band and screaming along to the songs I don't know with the above examples but I did at the Kids on TV show. And, personally, that's how I define a good night out.

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Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby, originally uploaded by nfotxn.

I saw the Islands play with Casper & The Cookies as well as some electronic band from Montreal called The Unireverse. It was a great show with great music. However the singer from Islands kinda takes himself too seriously or was all tour burnt out or something. Didn't effect the music I don't think. The Unireverse joined Islands at the end and jammed out "Where there's a Will there's a Whalebone" all electronic bloopy style.

Pleasant surprise: Casper & The Cookies are really cute and fun. Check 'em out.

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Let it be known that the new Junior Boys record is great live. They've added a drummer and are also dressing nicer. The new tracks are super solid and mostly just missing tricky stuff you can't do live too easily like vocoders and vocal harmonies.

Not surprising is that their best track live is still Under The Sun because Jeremy really knows how to go to town with that sloshy wet chorus and delay guitar. This is because they've toured that song for a while now. This set off the new drummer in the live set-up and turned it into a whole new ball game. The track was dancey and wet like sweat. But still felt like a long ride on your bike as the sun sets. If they get all the songs like this during the tour they will be total stars.


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