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Nov. 30th, 2008 08:14 pm
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Well, there's no reason to watch the rest of Top Chef this season. But I guess when you mess up burnt sugar for a molecular gastronomist you get burnt yourself.  Man what a tough show! I love when there is real actual tension on reality TV!

Ok, ok, ok. I'm still gonna watch the rest of the season.
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While I'll eat anything that isn't still moving I'm rather picky about TV. The only show I think I've followed this decade is Six Feet Under, the rest I've caught in Lazy Bittorrent Mode whenever the mood to be passive struck. I just prefer to be out doing things, watching TV makes me antsy these days. It's not that I'm necessarily snobby, I'm just discerning with my own spare time. I envy my media bible reciting pop-culture gays 'cause I wish it was something I would study naturally and easily.

So this show Dexter had me fascinated. It was plugged on all my favourite blogs and podcasts which I think is the first time I've had that work effectively on me. This is a neat, but not unexpected, marketing trend. I guess they pegged podcast listening computer nerds as a prime target for a show about a loveable outsider, go figure. It's of course the actor who played David on Six Feet Under, whom I loved in a role as a non-stereotyped gay, that really cemented my attraction to the show. I wonder if marketers know that gay outsider computer nerds are great evangelists for their programming? I mean I'm blogging about this for free right now.

However having him in a sort of Dark Horse Comics role as a blood spatter forensic scientist who moonlights as a serial killer was a tricky sale.

Last night I gave it a chance and was pretty impressed. It's the premier so there is a lot of mandatory exposition. And in the end of the premier the set-up seemed awfully solid. I mean when I think back to my baby Six Feet Under the first episode was pretty shaky too. Claire all high on crystal meth and the brothers and Mom and father getting brought together by tragedy. Sketching out that many characters in high speed drama requires technically proficient and artistically inspired writing.

It will be most interesting to see how the interaction of the cast pans out. It focuses around Dexter who is a sociopath and the few people who are important to him for whatever malnourished reasons somebody who isn't at all empathetic can contrive. That's scary 'cause they're focusing on the lead (Michael C. Hall).. or maybe not? I mean we focus on Dexter but the support characters are still there. And as third party viewers we're enticed to look at them all as equals. We have to buy into the idea that a sociopath who kills bad guys is OK. It's a little bit Batman really, except Bruce Wayne was originally conceived as not being an intentional murderer.

Anyhow, time will tell. Just gotta suspend my disbelief for a few more episodes to see if the concept can stick. So far so good, but the concept remains a shaky one.

Hopefully this show will stick with the gays and straights I know so I can talk about TV to people. Something I don't think I've done since about 1998.
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I would watch a lot more hockey if it had three periods approximately 3 minutes long, each. That would leave lots of time for commercials. And frankly soak up all that stupid suspenseful drama.

After that air cartoons.


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