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There was a big storm here Friday night! It was so windy that on my way home my beard was being blow UP my face. Ironically just after I'd told [ profile] wwabbit that we don't "really get tornados and dangerous weather" here in Hamilton AND observed [ profile] brianmn and [ profile] pigboy74's surprise bathroom remodelling by candlelight.

Apparently some lightening hit this telephone poll just the right way that it caught on fire. Of course Matt and I didn't know what was going on when the police pulled up outside. So Matt took a gander out our front door to see others gawking up the hill. Low and behold it was not a UFO but indeed a handsome old wooden telephone poll on fire!

Not soon after that some cop was barking at us to "GET BACK INSIDE OR THERE'LL BE 15,000 VOLTS FALLING ON YOU!" as if he were Bruce Willis or something. How about informing the people in the area that they are in possible immediate danger rather than barking at us after you tie the police barrier to our railing, dingus?

We headed out the back door to watch behind the barrier. No particularly hunky firemen. But it's not like they were parading around in suspenders and a smile. The utility people turned off the power and the firemen watched the pole burned until it set itself free. Sprayed it with water. We went upstairs to Jer's to eat all his ice cream (it's melting!) and drink all his vodka (it's melting) and smoke all his pot (it's melting!). Then I headed to the art crawl where I intended to record my performance with Matt, Mark and Anja. But my batteries were dead. We did a pretty fierce Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels) on the drop of a hat, I swear!

Oh right, the video:
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Mike "The Longer" Long was back at Barton Haus in our button sweat shot with Jelly. So we decided to shoot another dance video with him moving it to ESG's "You Make No Sense".

Best part of this? The turn around on this project from "let's shoot it" to it being available on YouTube, complete with minor editing, was just under 2hrs. Also made muffins at the same time.


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