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Huw and I have spent possibly the most lazy Sunday on record together and are slowly edging towards getting out of the house so I can go work the night shift at the library. The cat is inordinately interested in our combined stink. Soonly we shall commence rubbing sissy organic body wash all over our hairy bodies and go get something horrible to eat like poutine.

Ahh, love.

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Jun. 4th, 2007 07:55 pm
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If my grind were coffee it'd be an extra fine one used for stove-top percolators. This grind would result in an elite cup of Turkish coffee that one should most definitely observe with a nice spinach and cheese Baraka. Preferably during that break between lunch and dinner that we don't have in most of our North American workplaces.

That's a fancy way of saying I'm not doing much out of the ordinary.

Toronto Pride is coming up fast and fierce. Which I will be attending for the first time with a lady in waiting, my one and only Huw ([ profile] wwabbit). I expect many good times with much of the drinking and the baking in the hot summer sun. I should research the best sun screen now... zinc is good on the nose right? I'll make it fashionable.

Who's doing Toronto Pride anyhow? Speak up! Also if you are from America and within driving or frequent flier mile range you should most definitely come for the weekend. I will buy you a drink, I promise.

LAZERFIST is on hiatus for the summer as the talented [ profile] jenneferre is off to Costa Rica for some delectably long period of time. We still haven't bothered to finish a record however the summer is long and there will be several opportunities to record with new people. I'm thinking about resurrecting my laptop band but I wanna use new software. Maybe entirely Max/MSP or Live? Despite that I'm still very much trying to keep it simple. Just a few months of dorking around until the band gets back together after vacations and whatnot.


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