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Nov. 27th, 2008 03:55 pm
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do i look like a terrorist?, originally uploaded by lomokev.

This man was stopped in London for having a suspicious beard. This story is funny and harmless, all things said and done, but the implication here that people are thinking wearing a big beard is reason enough to report somebody to authorities is a tad frightening.

Do i look like a terrorist to you? Apparently one commuter thought I did so much he reported me to the British transport police for "looking and acting suspicious". Upon exiting Paddington Station I was followed by the police. PC 3957 ran in front of my cycle and told me that I was being stopped under Section 44 of the Anti Terrorism Act of 2000. PC 3957 told me of the concerns of the commuter, he had told PC 3957 that I was wearing combat shorts and a miniature silver grenade on my necklace which is clearly the must have fashion accessory for all would be terrorist, anyway, after a quick search he was satisfied that I was not a threat to national security and let me off a 30 day jail term without trial. Anyway, I know rights and asked for the receipt for the search, it makes classic reading. I have posted it to to my stream, check it out. my favourite bit is in description "OTHER:BIG BROWN BEARD"
You can see a copy of this gentleman's "search receipt" here.

Search receipt. What an odd phrase.


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