Jun. 21st, 2007 04:33 am
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I saw Michael Moore's "SiCKO" today. There's not much to say really. That film brought me to tears. A sort of honest and powerful emotion. If I was just taken for a propaganda ride I probably don't want to be "right".

I also want to let it be known the spirit in which I feel about the state of health care in the USA. It's only with the best of hopes and intentions that I implore the Americans I know to look into how it works in their home town. And if it's not working to do whatever they can to make a difference. Ultimately to move towards universal health care for all.

My Mom has been a nurse in the ER and ICU in both Toronto and Hamilton for decades before she landed her current desk job as a result of chronic illness. She has always been clear my whole life with me how she feels about her profession. Very much indoctrinating me into this terrible socialist falsehood. So much that I can recite it from memory:
In health care there should only ever be one focus: care.
It's as simple as that. Take care of each other.
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I highly suspect Toronto Pride will have fewer American Gay Sex Tourists this year because of our strong dollar. Presently an $8.50CAD Day Pass on the TTC works out to about $8. A Venti Mocha Whatever is about $4.60USD. A bottle of reliable Lakeport beer will set you back $3.75USD at non-lame bars.

If you use your debit card at point-of-sale you will probably get a 1-4% convenience charge plus your bank's foreign exchange rate. Which would probably make prices on par with US dollars. That could be almost convenient.

That's unfortunate, I love partying with America! If you are heading up sound off in the comments. But that's assuming you come because we're like Tijuana Lite. We all know you are coming anyhow because you love us.


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