Nov. 3rd, 2008 02:42 pm
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We were donated a buncha photos at work today. We've got everything from Tommy Douglas, father of Canadian socialized health care and grandfather of Keifer Sutherland, to Robert Goulet so far.

All the images are numerically index not by subject. So we get to go through every negative, slide and print. It's like Christmas came early!!

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This is such a standard whine but I shall whine it anyhow.

I wish I had more time to just hang around. Lately everything is a rush to get to the next rush. Job to job, site to site even rehearsals and parties seem like more work than they should be. Worst of all I've got to keep up the pace until I go away to Europe in five weeks.

Now I have to down my coffee, run up the street and do stuff with books.
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See the thing about service economy jobs is that facing the public is like wading into tide. You face a celestial capacity force of human emotions that only let up when the doors of the store close. In my small space behind the register at work I face torture like a caged X-Man at the hands of Magneto or Apocalypse or something. Bourgeois fucktards green-washing their self-indulgence with organic junk food. Insecure fat middle-aged men talking on cell phones in an attempt to feel important. Crappy parents abusing their kids without even trying. Mental energy is extinguished and by the evening's end and I lay there, torn spandex jump-suit, waiting to recuperate. Sometimes I team up with a friend at work and we combine our powers of controlling the situation and spreading cheer. But it's hard work and the world is full of sour, sour people.


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