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Thanksgiving doesn't work with only two people. Lucky for the Noble-Chree household we were invited to friends. This was a new concept and worked out quite well. I got to work all day and biked over in the crisp autumn air before gorging on various autumnal courses and sundries.

The shitty part is that we don't have turkey left overs to snack on all week. I could really dig some turkey sand which or soup right about now. Very unfortunate. There is a 6kg turkey in the freezer though, so the situation could be remedied with some effort.

School is presently no less than 1/2 complete. Which is a good feeling considering that my marks have been either fantastic or acceptable. Even though the company at school leaves much to be desired.

It's like walking through a textbook of affirmation pledging under-achievers. Everyone has an excuse for their lack of achievement in life. What differentiates people is their reliance on that excuse and ability to carry on with life as a result.

Sadly most people there still have their crutches and shoulder chips well in place. Which can make for some serious emotional minefield crossing. Almost every discussion in class turns into arguments. Exploding like a drama about inner city schools on HBO or something.
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Adult High School is a pretty crazy place. My first period class has reminded me that, perhaps, I'm not as much of a ruthless debater as I'd once thought. I'm actually quite constrained and polite.

There is one dude, who I will call Malcolm X Jr., whom basically launched a barrage of insults in my direction "on behalf of my class". Irony being that he does this to most everyone who disagrees with him. And the class doesn't seem to like him very much at all. He's aggressive, close minded and has a chip on his shoulder like none I've experienced on a daily basis in my life.

What set Malcolm X Jr. off with me was when I disagreed that Dr. Phil is a valid form of therapy. And that he is a television hack spurting pop-psychology platitudes to the applause of advertisers and ratings.

I don't know how to say this really without sounding conceited. But when you're a little bit intelligent around others who are not you are quickly identified as a threat by some people. People who learn figure out that listening to others and applying their knowledge together learn more... but that's the crux of the problem really. Malcolm X Jr. is a dogmatic dumbshit. And not surprisingly a card carrying member of the God squad.

It's not even personal. He just can't hear anybody but himself and people disagreeing with him. And frankly I'm a bit scared he's gonna work his hate outside of class, so I'm just keeping quite from here on in.

Makes me wonder what's been done to him. Abusive parents, church, community? Has M. X. Jr. really been that hard done by? The race card is awfully quick to come out but there are so many other card carrying members in all my classes that don't seem to need it.

Despite all the bad at school. All the obvious poverty, struggling and second chances it's neat to see so many people, yours truly included, start to get it. To gain momentum and carry forward in life. I've also made some good friends. People I can relate to about school and life as a young adult. No other fags that I know of, but really that is the least interesting part about me these days.


Oct. 5th, 2005 03:53 pm
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So I am playing hooky from school today. By my calculations I am running an 84% average and I've completed all my work for the week that's been assigned thus far. Double plus my back hurts from the gym. Lots of rationalizations, I could go on for years like this. Or at least hours.

Hot times at the gym yesterday. Apr├ęs work out a hot local buddy whom I'd not seen since the early summer working at Local Unionized Grocery Franchise Garden Centre was there. The gym has been good to him and I tried to make chit-chat whilst not staring too intensely at his now 33% more voluptuous everything. Unfortunately we both had places to go despite what seemed like mutual desires to rub man units.

There are many things to dislike about my post industrial town one thing I love is the Hamilton Farmer's Market. A 160 year old tradition that managed to escape the urban renewal that obliterated most everything else in the city during the late 1970s. What I find coolest about the market is that I bought broccoli and brussel sprouts from a farm that still operates up the street from the home my Grandfather built. The place my uncle and his family still live, well within the limits of the city and in fact a rather urban area nearby McMaster University.

I find myself going on riffs like this about my city and my relationship to it. What I realize now is that in the process of leaving home for the UK in 2002-2003 I was, inevitably, brought closer to a sense of where I'm from. It's a good feeling but presents the problem of moving away. If you were to ask me at 21 if I wanted to live in Toronto or somewhere larger I'd have answered with a resounding "yes!". But now I'm not so sure, I really like living in a town that I have such intimate, carnal knowledge of. I'll go where the best opportunities take me but I think I'll always come back.
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DSC00058FOtime for Txminiscule N / miniscule R
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Today at 945AM was my assessment at school to find out what I need to finish my high school diploma.

For the newly initiated I dropped out of high school when I was about 18 and never really found the motivation to return and finish. I had a lot of stuff to deal with at the time. Forcibly moving out of the home I grew up in, having my Dad return after 15 years of absence and coming out of the proverbial closet were the major points of difficulty. Standard stupid gay teen stuff. I think I handled it well.

So I am at the office, early for my appointment waiting around with lots of people trying to get into ESL classes. I am suddenly feeling VERY privileged. I wait around for like an hour and finally see a councillor last minute before their lunch meeting.

Up until this point I am fully expecting two years or so of school in order to finish and be eligible for university. I would never have guessed that I will be ready to go to college by June. She awarded me 8 "maturity credits" because at 23 it's assumed I probably have learnt a whole buncha stuff.

Perhaps :)

So come September I will likely have picked a school to go to and will be preparing to move out of my Mom's house. That might be looking a bit too far in the future. But I've finally got a break and I'm just so excited to carry on with life.

I have too much potential to be working in a grocery store much longer. It's so nice to see some progress, a roadmap illuminated.


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